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Give A Gift That Will Touch The People In Your Life

Refer Your Friends, Family, Neighbors & Co-Workers

Membership at Gateway Metro Federal Credit Union – they’ll never grow out of it, the membership will never expire, and you know we have the products and services they need. Plus, a gift for them means cash for both of you:*

You earn $50
when your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers open a new membership
with a checking account and direct deposit or an auto loan with us!

The new members can earn up to $250 when they ...

  • Open a checking account with direct deposit


Earn $50

  • Transfer an auto loan from another lender


Earn $200

  • Open a checking account with direct deposit and transfer an auto loan from another lender

Earn $250

This gift lasts a lifetime – get your referral cards here, and hand them to anyone you think will benefit from Gateway Metro Federal membership.

*Referral cannot be an existing GMFCU member or joint member. New member will receive incentive for completing one of the following actions: 1) open a new qualifying checking account with direct deposit, and/or 2) open/refinance an auto loan. The current member receives incentive when the new, referred member meets all incentive qualifications. Both incentives are subject to 1099 reporting. There is no limit to the number of new members an existing member may refer. Limit one incentive payment per new member. Membership eligibility is required, and GMFCU may modify or discontinue this offer without notice. Contact GMFCU for complete details.